ISB Scholarship 2024: Scholarship Opportunities at ISB

The Indian School of Business (ISB) is a top business school in India that brings together the best students from many different domains. Nonetheless, affordability may bar the majority of them. Hence ISB is providing some financial support for those who are worthy to have such an exceptional education establishment as theirs.

This thorough article is aimed at discussing the different scholarships offered by ISB which range from those aimed at recognizing merit, those for financial aid, and those aimed at promoting diversity. We will discuss the qualifications, how one can apply as well as some of the recent scholarship achievements.

ISB hopes to develop talent and promote diversity within its student body by making the most of these scholarship opportunities. This guide will be a valuable resource for candidates seeking to secure their dream MBA at ISB and wanting to get to ISB Scholarship 2024.

What is an ISB Scholarship in 2024?

The Indian School of Business (ISB) offers an ISB scholarship program for gifted students who are interested in pursuing an MBA. ISB offers different scholarships so as to open up its world-class education to many students and also bring in the finest brains by doing so.

Here are some types of ISB scholarships:

There are two main types of ISB scholarships: need-based and merit-based scholarships. 

Merit-Based Scholarships at ISB

Every applicant who receives an admission offer from ISB PGP is automatically considered for a merit-based scholarship. Approximately 40 scholarships are available, ranging from 5 lakhs to a full fee waiver.

Need-Based Scholarships at ISB

The need-based ISB PGP scholarship considers the entire family’s income as a primary criterion. Applicants must submit additional essays and documentation to apply for these scholarships.

Additional ISB Scholarships

Apart from these, ISB PGP admits they have the option to apply for scholarships offered by alumni, corporates, or board members at ISB. Specific scholarships are also available for NRI applicants recently returning to India.

  • Merit By Diversity scholarships: Awarded to promote diversity in the student body.
  • AIESEC waivers are scholarships sponsored by the Global Youth Leadership organization. You must also justify why you deserve this scholarship.
  • International diversity scholarships: For promising overseas students who want to study in India.
  • Bridge to India scholarships: Aim to bring expatriate students back to study in India. Also, submit a separate essay along with the documentation.
  • ISB Develop India Scholarship: Offered to students who want to venture into social impact start-ups, non-profits, and the development sector.

ISB PGP Tuition Waivers

All ISB PGP applicants are eligible for merit-linked tuition waivers and must not apply separately. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, they will need to provide proof of income for themselves, their parents, and their working spouses (if applicable). Also, they must submit an essay on why they need this scholarship. If applicants can apply for multiple tuition waivers, only one will be granted to them.

New ISB Scholarship 2024

Additionally, there is a new ISB scholarship 2024 called the “Ishwar Prakash Agarwal Scholarship.” This scholarship is for differently-abled individuals, according to GOI norms, or women returning to work after a sabbatical or raising a family. Applicants must submit a 300-word essay explaining why this scholarship is essential for them.

ISB Scholarship Criteria

Candidates who aim at ISB Scholarship 2024 must comply with the requirements below to match the ISB scholarship application criteria: 

  • Superior academic performance with GMAT/GRE results.
  • Relevant work experience demonstrating leadership and impact.
  • Clear career goals and how an ISB MBA will help achieve them.
  • Financial need for need-based scholarships.

Application Process of ISB Scholarship 2024

The competition for merit-based scholarships at ISB 2024 is already open to everyone who has an application for admission into the program, but if you want to apply for need-based scholarships as well as other special ISB financing programs 2024 individual candidates then they have to do the following: 

  • Select the required option in the application portal. 
  • Write a separate essay on the importance of this scholarship to you (max 200 words) next. 
  • Supporting documents such as income proof have to be presented afterwards. 
  • Be ready for interviews including the possibility of an extra round in certain fellowships.

More Details About ISB Scholarship 2024

Some specific ISB scholarships require income declaration. The following scholarships at ISB PGP require an income declaration:

  • ISB Scholarship – ISB PGP merit cum need-based waiver
  • External Scholarship – Bridge to India Tuition Waiver
  • ISB  Scholarship – ISB PGP – AIESEC Tuition Waiver
  • ISB  Scholarship – Ramesh C. Khanna Nurture India Scholarship
  • ISB Scholarship – PGPMAX Co 2012 Scholarship
  • ISB Scholarship – AT&T Scholarship
  • ISB Scholarship 2024 – Ishwar Prakash Agarwal Scholarship

Recent ISB Scholarship Achievements

ISB takes immense pride in celebrating the achievements of its scholarship recipients.


With over 70 scholarships available, ISB PGP remains committed to promoting diversity and accessibility within its student body. These scholarships serve as a testament to ISB’s dedication to fostering academic excellence and inclusivity. Prospective applicants are encouraged to explore these opportunities and embark on their educational journey at ISB.

FAQ for ISB PGP Scholarships

What is the Eligibility for ISB Scholarship in 2024?

The ISB scholarship 2024 eligibility depends on the type of scholarship. Here is an analysis: 

– Merit-Based Scholarships: Given to all ISB MBA applicants without the need for additional documentation. 
Need-Based Scholarships: In this case, you must submit extra essays and documents with proof of your family’s income.
Furthermore, applicants should review the ISB scholarship criteria carefully to meet the necessary qualifications.

What is The Max Scholarship You Can Get in ISB?

The maximum scholarship amount that can be awarded to a student at the Indian School of Business (ISB) varies based on the type of scholarship and the specific campus.

What IBS scholarships are available in Round 2? 

In Round 2, there are different options for IBS scholarships merit-based or need-based so that 40 students may be eligible for them in conformity with certain criteria whereas diversity-related as well as global scholarships are also found there.

Are Round 3 Applicants in ISB Receiving Scholarship?

Compared to the past rounds, most of the time round 3 applicants in the Indian School of Business the chance of getting any scholarships is low. The opportunity for round 3 ISB scholarship 2024 is competitive, and the number of scholarships available may decrease as the admission rounds progress.

Can you Get an ISB Scholarship in 2024?

Yes, it is possible to get an ISB scholarship in 2024. ISB offers various types of scholarships to support deserving candidates in pursuing their MBA education.

Does ISB Give Scholarship Opportunities?

Yes, the Indian School of Business (ISB) offers various scholarship opportunities to support deserving candidates pursuing their MBA education.

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