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Founder and MBA Admissions Head Consultant

INSEAD MBA Alumna and Former INSEAD MBA Admissions Interviewer

Our principal MBA admissions consultant and founder, Aanchal is an accomplished INSEAD graduate with a scholarship accolade. She is a true multitasker, and has worn several hats throughout her career. After working as an automotive and industrial project leader, which gave her the opportunities to work in the USA, France, India, China, and Thailand, she expanded her expertise in supply chain design, product management, digital merchandising, and marketing.

After a life of nomadism, Aanchal returned to her roots in India, where she discovered her true passion for education and leadership coaching. Through her three years of experience as an official admissions interviewer for the INSEAD MBA Program, Aanchal has gained a comprehensive understanding of what the world's top business schools are looking for in future leaders.

A strong believer in experimental learning, Aanchal is a staunch advocate of striving for excellence and breaking down barriers, no matter what someone's background or deficits. Her personal and professional experiences have equipped her with the skills and knowledge to help others overcome obstacles and reach their full potential in life.

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