IIM Ahmedabad PGPX Essays Writing Tips for 2024 Application

Congratulations! Your resume got you on the shortlist. But are you feeling confident about completing the IIM A application and putting your best foot forward in the interview?

While it’s common perception that IIM A PGPX essays hold minimal weight, the reality is different. Every facet of your application contributes to your final score and your preparedness during essay writing also influences your interview readiness. Hope these comprehensive IIMA PGPX Essays Tips and guidelines help you in your application journey.

IIMA PGPX Sample Essays Examples and Writing Tips

IIMA PGPX Sample Essays Example 1

Essay1. Please describe some of the challenges you faced in the last 3 years of your work life and how you were able to overcome them.


Can you walk us through some of the challenges you faced in your work life? Please describe how you were able to overcome them?

A typical “workplace accomplishments” essay, aims to understand your ability to handle difficult situations professionally. I want to emphasize that this essay must not be treated as a check box or list of challenging professional projects alone, as that would make the essay seem very generic and lacking a soul. Rather than following a cookie-cutter format to attempt this question, consider the three most formative learning experiences in the recent past (more points below).

Overcoming workplace challenges or workplace accomplishments are situations in which you successfully exert a high degree of influence resulting in a sense of personal satisfaction that allows you to learn something about yourself.

To strategize this essay, sift through your memory, scrutinize your resume, interview your colleagues, and find 2 to 3 experiences in which the depth of your impact was substantial and concretely externally visible. Think which lessons from those experiences are you still applying today and with a sense of pride.

Here are some of the ideas that you could explore and write in your essay about challenges that depict your growth journey in its true essence –

1. Did the challenge help you learn a skill you didn’t know before?

2. In what ways did the challenge require you to take the initiative, step out of your defined role, or perform above expectations?

3. Did the experience give you firsthand exposure to the values that matter most to business schools, such as leadership, team play, communication skills, or strategic vision? How so?

4. Did you view yourself, or did others view you differently after the accomplishment? Describe that change.

5. Did you perceive any change in your role in the organization following the accomplishment?

6. Did it lead to opportunities or responsibilities that you didn’t have before? Which ones?

7. Was overcoming this challenge something that you didn’t imagine yourself capable of earlier in your life?

8. Did you do anything during the experience that, looking back now, actually surprises you?

9. In what ways did this experience require you to think creatively? What did you do that wasn’t “by the book”?

10. Did the accomplishment teach you anything that made other, later achievements possible?

When writing about these challenges, describe the difficulties you faced and focus on how you grew, learned, and developed by overcoming them. In this way, you convey a sense of resilience and personal growth in your essay. Great success stories combine the specificity of the achievement itself with a particular liveliness, depth, or personality in the narrative and analysis.

IIMA PGPX Sample Essays Example 2

Essay2. Tell us what is special about you that makes you a good addition to the classroom.

The essays of unsuccessful applicants often read like they were written for an audience of rubber stamping, degree issuing automation. Even if admissions officers reject eight or nine out of ten applicants at IIM A PGPX, you must assume that they are open-minded about each and every applicant and are willing to believe that your application is the one that will bring them one step closer to a well-rounded, diverse, and interesting class. That’s why successful applicants’ essays tend to be open, confident, and optimistic.

Remember, the AdCom brings a long memory of other applicants. Therefore, your response should be a well-crafted narrative that reveals the many facets of your personality and ensures that you will be remembered by the AdCom long after the other candidates.

In a highly competitive program like IIM A PGPX that has just about 100 seats, it’s not enough to simply give the panel information they do not already know from your application or resume. Instead, create a multi-part response that shows your uniqueness in all the important areas: professional, personal, and community involvement. Inventorize your life to provide the hooks for your application.

Start with the narrow, traditional definitions of diversity – ethnic background or gender. If you are a member of an underrepresented minority, discuss this fact in as much detail as possible to illustrate its importance in your life. Consider your socioeconomic, cultural, and professional diversity. If you come from an economically disadvantaged background or an underrepresented region, elaborate on the importance of these aspects to your perspective development.

Perhaps you have an unconventional educational background, or your goals set you apart from others, or your sexuality or family orientation can help you bring a unique perspective to class discussions. Skills or areas of expertise, industry focus, unusual or challenging backgrounds, or even personal characteristics such as the gift of humor can all be valid diversity points that make you an interesting addition to the IIM A classroom. Pick 4-5 aspects that truly make you a memorable candidate and provide necessary anecdotes or examples to substantiate your claims of contributing meaningfully to the IIM A PGPX cohort.

You must also demonstrate to the admissions committee how your experiences will add value to the MBA experience for your fellow classmates. Consider what unique perspective or skillset you can bring to the table and how you can contribute to your peers’ learning experience. Your essays should highlight your thoughtful reflection on these questions and showcase your commitment to sharing your distinctive perspective in the classroom.

Examples of Unique Perspectives

1. For example, if you have worked in the non-profit sector, you may have a unique perspective on social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and community development.

2. If you have served in the military, you may have a leadership style that is focused on teamwork, resilience, and strategic thinking.

3. If you come from a different culture or have lived in multiple countries, you may have unique ideas on globalization, cross-cultural communication, and international business.

4. If you have worked in a specific industry, such as healthcare, technology, or finance, you may have a deep understanding of the trends, challenges, and opportunities in that sector.

5. If you have started your own business, you may have much to say about innovation, risk-taking, budget management, and creativity.

6. To craft a truly compelling essay, it’s important to be authentic and vulnerable when sharing your personal story. Admissions committees are seeking candidates who can bring their whole selves to the classroom and contribute to the learning experience.

7. Don’t shy away from sharing what makes you unique, but also showcase how you have grown and what you have learned from your experiences. Doing so will not only make your essay more compelling but also demonstrate your potential for personal and professional growth during the MBA program.

Do not sell yourself short. Not everyone needs to be an outlier in the PGPX class. While it’s true that schools are looking for a diverse student body, that doesn’t mean you need to have an exotic background or a rare skillset. Admissions committees are looking for students who will add flavor to the class and bring different perspectives to the table. The source of these experiences can vary widely. Many applicants think their profile is not diverse or unique enough and prematurely rule themselves out without even trying because of this attitude. It is important to understand that by combining all of your experiences and attributes, you can still create a unique profile that will leave a lasting impression on admissions committees.

IIMA PGPX Sample Essays Example 3

Essay3. What will a management degree bring to you at this stage of your career?


What do the next five years mean to you in terms of your career?

This is a cleverly worded essay on “why MBA” and “why now,” with an emphasis on “why now”. In a sense, it’s another way to figure out how sure you are that the PGP is the right move for you.

Motivation essays are all about passion and how willing are you to solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. A logical way to justify your choice of short-term goal is to talk briefly about your long-term vision or aspirations. What do you want to achieve in the long run, and why? What is the larger vision? Then you can present your short-term goal as a bridge to acquiring the skills you need to achieve your vision. Elaborate your 5-year plan vividly to demonstrate your research on the prospective career paths for you, with a backup plan wherever needed.

You may have detailed, rock-solid career goals and can make a compelling case for how the MBA will get you there, but if you can not say why you need to start the PGP now, the AdCom may conclude that you are applying for the wrong reasons.

An overused way of answering this question would be to explain the section about your work history, leadership skills, and breadth of expertise in such a way that only the lack of an MBA will keep you from rising to the leadership ranks and fame and glory.

A more comprehensive answer, however, would be to show immense enthusiasm by leveraging the following ideas:

1. Career Plateau: your learning curve has flattened and no new challenges are expected in the next years. If you stay on your current career path any longer, you run the risk of being pigeonholed, and breaking out will only become more difficult.

2. Goals – You have just identified what the goal of your career is, and now that you know, there’s no reason to put it off.

3. Post – MBA goals have a time element – Your post-MBA plans are tied to trends that begin to solidify by the time you get your MBA. You cannot afford to wait until you have acquired the skills to take advantage of these trends.

4. Maturity – You finally have the professional and personal knowledge, balance, and perspective to make the wise decision to invest in your long-term future. This is an acceptable way to say, “My age is the median age of your cohort”

5. Natural break in your career – You are nearing the end of a clearly defined career phase, such as a serving the military tenure or completing the consulting analyst stint, or a management trainee program, or an overseas assignment – all very commonly cited reasons for IIM A PGPX.

Address the “Why PGPX” Implied Question

Ensuring a deep-seated need for a PGPX program is crucial, supported by concrete examples. The alignment between your objectives and the school’s curriculum can be a determining factor. Engaging in conversations with alumni or visiting the campus can also solidify your decision. The key principle is to utilize the available space to authentically demonstrate your specific and sincere interest in IIM A PGPX.

When addressing this, consider various aspects such as academics, extracurricular activities, the overall campus atmosphere, cultural opportunities, and the value of personal interactions with alumni during campus visits. These elements should underscore your genuine enthusiasm for and connection to IIM A PGPX.

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