Kellogg MBA Essay Questions & Writing Tips for 2024-2025 Application

Kellogg MBA Essay Questions & Analysis 2024 – 2025

Kellogg MBA Essay 1

Essay 1: Intentionality is a key aspect of what makes our graduates successful Kellogg leaders. Help us understand your journey by articulating your motivations for pursuing an MBA, the specific goals you aim to achieve, and why you believe now is the right moment. Moreover, share why you feel Kellogg is best suited to serve as a catalyst for your career aspirations and what you will contribute to our community of lifelong learners during your time here. (450 words)

You applied for a Kellogg MBA at the pinnacle of your career. The AdComs want to know what motivates you to go to all the trouble and opportunity costs of earning an MBA. No matter how staggering your qualifications, if you don’t provide a clear reason for needing an MBA, your application stands an excellent chance of losing out. Business schools use the goals essay to do a reality check on your maturity and career savvy. This Kellogg MBA essay is about more than just your goals. Almost every business school asks about your post-MBA goals and how an MBA from its program will help you achieve them. However, this Kellogg essay asks you a backwards-looking experience question, such as how your career or other experiences shaped these goals. Whichever structure you choose for this essay, your past, present, and future must be shown to logically support each other. Your career progress or professional experience narrative in this essay must leave the admissions officers feeling that the next inevitable step for you is an MBA and a career in the post-MBA field. You must describe objectives that seem to evolve naturally from (or are at least adequately explained by) your past experiences, and your “Why Kellogg” section must show the school as the perfect place for someone with your goals and educational needs.

Kellogg MBA Essay Writing Tips for 2024 Application

The Whys Here are some key triggers that applicants may consider for the Kellogg MBA essay question:

  • Career Plateau – You have identified that your learning curve has flattened and there are no new challenges on the horizon in the next two years. If you stay on your current career path any longer, you run the risk of being pigeonholed, making it difficult to break out.
  • Epiphany of Goals – You have just realized the purpose of your career, and now that you know it, there’s no reason to procrastinate.
  • Post-MBA Goals Have a Time Component – Your Post-MBA Goals are linked to trends that are beginning to solidify by the time you do your MBA. You cannot afford to wait to acquire the skills you need to capitalize on these trends.
  • Maturity – You finally have the professional and personal knowledge, balance, and perspective to make the wise decision to invest in your long-term future. This is a tactful way of expressing that your age is in line with the average age of job applicants.
  • Natural Career Break – You are nearing the end of a clearly defined career phase, such as a two- or three-year analyst program at a consulting firm, a two-year management training program at a company, or a stint abroad in another country.

Why Our School? Some themes to explore, but which will require personalization, are:

  • Academic Abundance: The academic environment is characterized by a wealth of resources, including insightful books, articles, and case studies authored by esteemed professors.
  • Engaging Beyond the Classroom: Involvement in extracurricular activities demonstrates community involvement and engagement. This can include participating in student clubs, sporting events, and social groups, and taking advantage of opportunities such as internships and business plan competitions.
  • Cultural Alignment: The values and ethos of the school, demonstrate that you are a cultural fit.
  • Experiencing Personal Connections: A visit to campus or face-to-face interaction can further cement your connection with the institution. This may mean contacting faculty members whose research aligns with your personal interests and mentioning these interactions in your application essay.
  • Targeted Goals: For instance, if pursuing healthcare-related social entrepreneurship specifically for women, highlight Kellogg’s healthcare management resources, women-centric initiatives, or social entrepreneurship offerings.

Kellogg MBA Essay 2

Essay 2: Kellogg leaders are primed to tackle challenges everywhere, from the boardroom to their neighbourhoods. Describe a specific professional experience where you had to make a difficult decision. Reflecting on this experience, identify the values that guided your decision-making process and how it impacted your leadership style. (450 words)

This “growth and learning” essay seeks the same values as the “failure or mistakes” essay but from a different angle: evidence that you have experienced challenges in your life and have the self-knowledge to analyze and grow from them. Rather than invite evasion and prevarication by asking about a failure or a weakness, this essay question takes a gentler, more positive approach to get to the core of your personality—your ability to act when you realize things are not as they ought to be.

At Kellogg, leadership is integrated into the curriculum, and students are encouraged to take leadership-oriented courses. To convince the AdCom about your readiness for engaging in classroom discourse, think of an instance where you had to step into the shoes of a leader and do what was best for the overall good of the project or the organization. Most leadership or teamwork challenges stem from people issues, almost always in B-School application stories. Two of your teammates were fighting, and the learning curve was steeper than expected. What did you do? In a dramatic outcome, the Client Manager seemed to have walked right out of the office. What did you do? Highlight the differences and issues between people—functional logjams and technical hurdles. Turn it into a human-interest story from the start. Talk about breaking out of your shell or adopting a leadership style you intrinsically believed wasn’t yours to begin with. Tell your response—how did you respond? This is where you show how you addressed each of the challenges or what three leadership traits or values you demonstrated in rising to the challenge.

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Kellogg MBA Video Essay:

Video Essay: We’ve read your essays, we’ve read your resume — now we want you to bring all that to life in a video. Show us the person behind all those carefully crafted words.

The video will be comprised of three questions, each designed to help you showcase your personality and share some of the experiences that brought you here today.

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Optional Essays

Optional Essay: We know that life is full of extenuating circumstances. Whether you want to explain gaps in work experience, your choice of recommenders, inconsistent or questionable academic performance or something else, you can use this section to briefly tell us anything we need to know about your application. (280 words)

Many applicants choose not to add anything to the optional essays. We at MBAGuide have a slightly unique take on this. The optional essays do not just have to be harbingers of bad information (such as gaps in employment, poor grades, or other potential red flags). If applicants truly feel that they did not have enough opportunity in the main essays to highlight a unique experience or story and that this experience may be critical to the adcom’s decision, they should definitely use the optional essay for this purpose. We have created a detailed analysis of the right approach to optional essays, which you can find here.

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