Initially rejected with a 770 on GMAT, a resilient applicant bags over USD 150,000 in scholarships

Adarsh came to us with a mountain of baggage – a string of rejections from every US school he applied to despite his extraordinary GMAT score of 770! Over the very first call with Adarsh, it became clear that while he had the potential to excel, he lacked clarity on his progression story, goals and career direction.

Given his frequent and multiple job changes, it became clear to us that Adarsh was struggling to find his true motivation and passion. However, he refused to give up on his dream of studying in the US and turned to us for professional advice.

With our guidance, Adarsh worked tirelessly to revamp his application strategy and gain clarity on his goals by reflecting profoundly on his professional and personal journey. His unwavering commitment to succeed and willingness to trust our process ultimately paid off, as he was awarded a full-ride scholarship to study in the USA with over USD 150,000 in scholarships from just two schools where he completed the interview process.

Adarsh’s journey teaches us that even when faced with setbacks and uncertainty, we can overcome them with determination and guidance from those who have been there before. So, buckle up and prepare to be inspired as we share Adarsh’s incredible journey from facing constant rejections to achieving his dreams.

“Getting an MBA admit from a top business school is a dream for many. However, the process can be daunting and requires a lot of effort and strategizing. As someone who has been through this process, I can relate to how challenging it can be.

Last year, with a GMAT score of 770 and four years of work experience in technology enterprise sales, I applied to several top 30 business schools for FTMBA Fall ’22 intake. Despite my best efforts, I was waitlisted by a few schools, such as Simon and UNC-Kenan Flagler, and ultimately rejected by all. The toughest part was to introspect where I went wrong despite having an exceptional GMAT score. I started researching, connected with the schools to understand the reason for rejection but wasn’t convinced with their response.

I started preparing for Fall’23 but the thought of standing up from all the rejections was daunting. Fortunately, I was introduced to Aanchal through Start Admit consulting (Mansie Dewan’s initiative). Aanchal helped me get back on track when I was hesitant and unsure whether my profile would be competitive at the global level. But Aanchal supported and guided me through every step, from improving my write-ups, profoundly questioning my career progression decisions, shaping my profile narrative to preparing me for interviews. One key takeaway from this experience with Aanchal was the “art of storytelling,” which I believe was the most crucial and best part of the application process and which instilled in me the confidence to crack the MBA interviews.

And the results? I received full-ride scholarship offers from WashU Olin School of Business, a top 25 business school, and a 60% scholarship offer from Georgetown McDonough School of Business, a top 20 business school. I couldn’t be more thrilled! After receiving more than 150,000 USD in scholarships I did not even wait to attend other interviews before accepting my free ship offer.

I strongly recommend Aanchal to anyone applying for an MBA. As an INSEAD MBA and former MBA interviewer, she has the expertise, experience, and dedication to help you put your best foot forward. However, it’s important to remember that building a competitive profile takes years of effort and creating a compelling MBA application takes months of hard work. But with the right guidance and support, it’s possible to achieve your goals and get admitted to your dream business school. “

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