Winning HEC Paris Sample Essay

Q. Imagine a life entirely different from the one you now lead, what would it be?

I come from a tribal region that is plagued by Naxal-Maoist insurgency. The militant insurgency, coupled with corrupt administration, has severely hampered socio-economic growth in my region. The lack of schools in the area led my parents to send me away for education at an early age. Small businessmen, including my father, facing extortion threats at the hands of local goons, have restricted investments in the area.

If I had the guidance and mentorship, I would aspire to become a powerful Indian bureaucrat who could influence public machinery to overcome the extremist insurgency through holistic development and economic upliftment of the tribals. I would strive to drive the development of infrastructure such as transportation, schools, and skills training centers, and work towards efficiently directing government support to the region’s indigenous crafts rooted in tradition.

Ironically, my region, rich in minerals, being home to the TATA group and having India’s top B-School, has not received due attention and economic development as most educated folks emigrate. I hold great admiration for hardworking bureaucrats like Mr. ABC (an Indian bureaucrat with a stellar work history on Environment, Forests, and Climate Change) and Miss. SS, Founder of ABC NGO, who have dedicated their lives to working with the indigenous communities of my home state, promoting their handicrafts, and bringing investments for skill development. As a bureaucrat, I too would organize projects to turn indigenous crafts into sustainable means of livelihood. Leveraging my HEC pedigree and work experience in luxury conglomerates, I hope to promote Indian tribal craftsmanship globally.

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