!!Note keeping ideas for fall application deadlines!!

!!Note keeping ideas for fall application deadlines!!

Are you someone working on profile enhancement with the objective of targeting fall deadlines? Here are some ideas for maintaining simple notes that you could bring into use at a later stage as you rush into the applications for fall.

1. Make a list of “unique factors “about you
Think what sets you apart as an applicant from your demographic. How have you lived your life differently and what qualities did you develop as a result of the influences in your formative years. Think of interesting stories to supplement each of your prominent qualities.

2. Reflect on your life’s journey
There wasn’t a time before I prepared for my B School applications that I actually pondered over so hard on how my life journey came to be! Make note of achievements you are extremely proud of. Also make a list of failures and situations you wish you had handled differently.
“True humility is staying teachable, regardless of how much you already know”

This could be a great opportunity to evaluate your circumstances and decide what direction do you want to take in life after MBA/ MiM.

3. Think about your role models- people who inspired you
They could be your parents, teachers, spouses and partners and bosses. Write down a few words in their appreciation, especially focusing on qualities you are yet to improvise, to take after those who inspire you.

4. Make a list of your leadership experiences
When did you first begin leading others? (Perhaps at your kindergarten  ) Are you a born leader or are you someone who overcame diffidence and learned to become an effective leader as a result of situations you faced?

One may not be in a leadership position professionally and therefore may not have people reporting directly. However, a person who can fuel things to progress using only his/her influence is a true leader. Think of examples where you were caught between conflicting positions or faced an ethical dilemma. How did you handle the situation and what did you learn from it?

5. Make community initiatives and social impact a very prominent aspect of your profile
You could surely build yourself some advantage while doing real good in the society. Think about all the things that are currently wrong in the world. How can you as an individual make difference to the problem that bothers you the most?
Make a list of your hobbies too !

You can refer to some other ideas on how to make notes on ECs more effective:

https://gmatclub.com/forum/how-to-put-t … 79505.html

6. Reflect on your goals
Have you identified a “real” problem in your community, in your country or in the society that you wish to solve for? Think how you could demonstrate a deep sense of empathy and willingness to do greater good through your work. Your vision for future can help you define your long-term goals. Think, how would you leverage your short-term career trajectory after MBA/MiM for achieving your vision in the long term. Now is the time to connect with Program offices and alums to learn more about your dream schools and opportunities that lie ahead!

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