Mr. Supply Chain consultant – ISB found this young applicant immpossible to reject

When it comes to B-school applications, how you present your candidacy is perhaps the most underrated skill. It is a rare capability, even more so among young PGP applicants who have less than 3 years of professional experience. As professionals grow in the corporate ladder, they begin to understand the broader nuances of their role and strategic positioning within the organization.

When Mr. Supply Chain Consultant approached MBAGuide, we saw him as someone who knew nothing about the applications process but was eager to be tutored on all parts of profiling and narrative. With barely two years of experience, this individual had worked on a number of projects as a consultant, simplifying processes for significant FMCG global players. However, the applicant required extensive assistance in extracting the pertinent information from the rest.

Strategy for ISB

For someone with exactly two years of experience on the date of application submission, it was critical that we go into each professional project and highlight the watershed moments that had a significant impact on the businesses. Going beyond simply laying a solid foundation with extensive professional experience, we advised the candidate on a goals approach that took into account all of the different career paths that he could take while using his extensive knowledge in the supply chain industry.

Thanks to the thorough career sessions we had together, the applicant hit the nail on the head when he spoke at length on over six roles in progression that he would be interested in pursuing during the interview. Such breadth of understanding of roles demonstrates maturity and, more importantly, a clear vision for the future as a Supply Chain leader. Our applicant was accepted at ISB with exactly 24 months of experience.

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