What this cyber security researcher says about our interview guidance

“While I was searching eagerly for a consultant for interview prep of ISB, Aanchal was the first one who scheduled a call with me first rather than giving me a quotation and only after understanding my work and background decided to help me with the interview prep. She is very genuine in her work.
Although I was from a very uncommon background of cybersecurity and did not have much clarity of goals in my essays, she made sure that every aspect of my application was clear if I get cross questioned in interviews. She continuously used to push me to pick up some good stories from my work . Those work stories helped me a lot in cracking the interview. She herself researched thoroughly about various ongoing projects in India related to my field of work and came out with some really out of the box ideas that helped me to get the admit.
Every morning she was ready with the day’s agenda and made sure that with each discussion, my clarity and confidence improved. She worked with great dedication and was always available to clear my doubts.
Although I was very demotivated after getting waitlisted in IIM A, she made sure to motivate me every single day for ISB’s interview. She took mocks, gave me honest and detailed feedbacks and prepared me for every possible question including a lot of personal and situational questions based on my essays. She is very knowledgeable and humble. She covered all the possible gaps from IIM A’s interview. She even brought me in touch with a few alumni and helped me get their perspectives as well.
I wish I had worked with her from the beginning of the application process but I found her during my interview prep journey.
I highly recommend Aanchal as a consultant for the entire process of mba applications as she has in-depth understanding and knowledge of each and every step. Along with being an excellent consultant, she is a very good human being from whom a person can learn a lot.”- Read the original recommendation on linkedin recommendations.

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